Doomfist Officially Revealed For Overwatch, Now Playable In The PTR

Having been teased in a faux-news story just a couple days ago, Blizzard have now officially announced and released Doomfist into the Overwatch Public Test Realm on PC. Once Blizzard are happy with the character’s balance, he’ll then be added to the roster in the main game, as is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Though it’s a new “hero”, he’s actually one of the bad guys and a leader of the evil organisation Talon. Check out his animated origin story here, showing him going toe to toe with a few of the good guys from Overwatch.

With cybernetic abilities, he’s a mobile, offensive fighter, dealing ranged damage with a hand cannon, as well as being able to Seismic Slam the ground to knock enemies into the air or he can use his Rocket Punch to charge into the fray. His super is the Meteor Strike, where he leaps into the sky and comes smashing back down to ground.

Here’s Jeff Kaplan introducing the character in a nice long and rather chatty video, covering who he is, not to mention the role his plays and abilities:

Source: Blizzard

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