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Battlefield 1's Premium Trials Allow Players To Try Premium Maps

Trails by combat.

If you have Battlefield 1 but don’t have a Premium Pass the only other way to access premium maps is to join a friend who has the pass with the Premium Friends promotion, which is active until Gamescom. However some people don’t have that option so EA and DICE have decided to offer trials for all players to check out the additional maps and gear within.

These trials do have limits on them, like for example any premium content unlocked becoming unavailable in regular play unless the Pass is bought. The first trial will be live this month and give access to all the maps from the They Shall Not Pass content, including Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahur. A second Premium Trials will take place before Gamescom, with a third occurring in September.

To access the trials all you need to do is play Battlefield 1.

Source: Battlefield.com


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