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Killing Floor 2 Is Coming To Xbox One

Just in case you hadn’t had quite enough zombies Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor 2 will be landing on Xbox One at the end of August for $39.99 / ₤29.99 / €39.99. Alongside the all previously released content packs, including The Tropical Bash, The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow, the game will include exclusive content.

KILLING FLOOR 2 will also include new *exclusive content that will be available in the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions that will allow players to spray zeds with liquid nitrogen and shatter them to pieces with the Freezethrower weapon for the Survival Perk. There will be 8 weapon skins available to customize your Xbox One and Xbox One X exclusive Freezethrower. KILLING FLOOR 2 players on Xbox One and Xbox One X will also have exclusive access to the Wasteland Armor cosmetic uniform, with 5 different skin styles. The Xbox One X version will also be enhanced with 4k support, increased performance, high resolution textures and shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance. Tripwire is also pleased to confirm that KILLING FLOOR 2 will also include customized support for Mixer – Microsoft’s next gen streaming service that offers viewers real-time influence and participation in live game streams.

The game is already out on PC and PlayStation 4 and was part of PlayStation Plus a couple of months back.

Source: Tripwire

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