MunkyFun Unveils League Of War: VR Arena For PSVR

League Of War: VR Arena has been revealed by MunkyFun, and the studio has confirmed it as a PSVR exclusive. Some of you may have had experience with League Of War on mobile devices, where you control different military units to beat your opponents. At its basic it is a real time strategy game. In the VR version though you’re not looking at a phone or tablet screen, with the battlefield instead being a table you look over.

In League Of War: VR Arena there will be a campaign mode as well as an arcade mode where you face off against others. During gameplay you’ll pick up units and place them on the battlefield, though will have to think tactically as each unit type has different costs and have various uses in different situations. League Of War: VR Arena will be out in the autumn.

Source: PS Blog

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