Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Be Updated For Xbox One X & Receive Fixes In 2018

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been a stain on 343 Industries’ reputation, with the game plagued by shonky matchmaking and other issues that we didn’t do enough to highlight when it released in 2014 and that 343 and Microsoft didn’t do enough to address and fix. It’s long, long overdue and perhaps too late in general, but they announced last night in a community stream that TMCC will be receiving major updates in spring 2018.

This is all in aid of getting the collection of games to take advantage of the Xbox One X, so players will get to look forward to 4K resolution, smoothed out performance and more. However, it’s clear that there are more fundamental issues with the game, and 343 are taking the time to try and fix those as well, citing ‘fixes, improvements and upgrades to the core game’ based around what the Xbox One system can now support with its updated frameworks.


They’ll be doing this with a public “flighting” program to allow for quick fire and iterative patches to the game, letting them work closely with the community to address and react to the feedback they’re receiving.

Before then, Halo 5 will be receiving its Xbox One X 4K update on 7th November – developed in partnership with Skybox Labs who brought Halo 5: Forge to Windows 10 – which is also add Oddball game mode back to the series, bring a form of LAN multiplayer back with a Local Server app that needs to be run on a PC to hook together local consoles, as well as general weapon tuning which can be read about here.

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