Bungie Updates Destiny 2 With Raid Challenges, Down for Maintenance On Thursday

If you are playing Bungie’s latest shooter you’ll be happy to know that this week has already seen first of the raid challenges being introduced which covers the Royal Baths section of Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid and will require good communication.

This section is very much the same set up as the original except the most robust guardian in the fire team must stay in the middle of the five pressure plates and defend their squad continuously. If this one person loses their psionic charge or they step out of the plate or water, the challenge is failed. In short, you have one runner less than normal and must compensate for this.


To have the best results, it’s best to have four players on each of the plates, and have one runner floating with the player defending the middle plate. This runner should be able to switch with anyone that needs to pick up the psionic charge buff from the middle, as normal.

Further to this, Bungie has promised to fix issues regarding connectivity in empty public spaces. This hotfix will be deployed on Thursday so this means that Destiny 2 will be down on all platforms for maintenance between the hours of 3pm and 7pm UK time.

Source: Bungie

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