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A Hitman TV Series Is In The Works

Two new games?

Hitman’s two outings to the silver screen have not set the box office on fire, although I quite enjoyed the first film, and now our shiny headed hero is heading to an altogether smaller screen.

Deadline Hollywood reports that a TV series based on IO Interactive’s franchise is in the early stages of production for Fox 21 and Hulu. The good news is that the script for the pilot is being written by Derek Kolstad, creator and writer of the excellent John Wick films. The hopes are Hitman will become a flagship series for the streaming service.

It doesn’t appear that IO Interactive have much to do with the series but I would guess they’re going to get a nice wodge of cash from it. Interestingly, Deadline Hollywood also report that “Two more Hitman games are in development,” so obviously they know something we don’t.

Source: Deadline Hollywood



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