News Snatch: Furi, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, And DJ’ing In VR [UPDATE: Now With Improbable Boobs]


It’s another quiet week here at Snatch HQ, all the big games are out, advertising campaigns are in full swing and PR people and putting their feet up and drinking egg nog. At least, that’s what I assume they do for December as there is very little news, so we start with yet another old-ish indie game making it’s way to Nintendo Switch, Furi will launch early next year. The Switch version will include all the content that has been released for Furi across all platforms so far.

What would Dark Souls look like if it was animated in the style of Cuphead? Well, something like the video above.

Two games in one trailer next, Skull Pirates and War Theatre will be fully revealed at the PlayStation Experience in a week’s time.

The PlayStation Anthology hardback book covers the entire history of Sony’s first console, you can grab a copy here from Amazon.

The CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 has been announced by Fanatec. It’s an exact reproduction of the wheel used in McLaren GT3 race cars and has been designed from the original McLaren CAD files. You can find a list of some of the features below, or head over to the Fanatec website for more info.

  • The exact replica of the McLaren GT3 Steering Wheel
  • Officially licensed for Xbox One
  • Compatible to Xbox One, PC and PS4 (PS4 compatibility is depending on the compatibility of the wheel base)
  • Dual analog paddles with 4 modes and 4-position rotary encoder for changing the mode
    • Dual clutch bite-point mode
    • Clutch/handbrake mode
    • Gas/brake mode
    • Binary button mode
  • Solid anodized rocker type aluminum shifter paddles with Snapdome functionality
  • Diamond texture grips for shifter and clutch paddles
  • 1″ 128×64 OLED Display
  • Upgraded Fanatec Tuning menu functionality
  • 2 Rocker switches
  • 2 Rotary encoders with 12 positions and number indicators
  • Fanatec Funky switch (5-way digital joystick with rotary function)
  • 2 high-bezel snapdome buttons with laser engraved P & N indicators
  • Integrated storage for QR screw and Allen key on the wheel

Earth Defense Force 5 has got a new trailer from Japan, it appears that if you are a lady the best way to save the Earth from giant ants is to zip about in the skimpiest of panties whilst wearing a jet-pack.

You can now DJ in VR using Vinyl Reality, which is currently in Steam Early access.

And Finally, a quick look at some new costume DLC for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Told you it was quiet! Tara!

UPDATE: There have been complaints that there are no Improbable Boobs this week. To rectify this here is some new footage of Dragons Crown Pro, featuring the Sorceress and her magical boobs that move in gravity defying directions.

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