PlayStation VR MOBA Dark Eclipse Launches Next Year

Dark Eclipse, a new MOBA for PlayStation VR will be playable at the PlayStation Experience a little later this month. There’s not much information so far but developers Sunsoft have posted a few details on the PS Blog.

When we were thinking of player interaction in VR, the first thing we tried was point-and-click and point-and-teleport interactions. While that did work, we were left thinking “What if the interaction was more like real life, where you can just grab things with your hands?”

Unlike VR shooting games, in Dark Eclipse you don’t extend your arms to aim. The game is paced so that you can move more casually. We also designed the game with a rest period between matches, so you can rest your body if needed.

The game, which will launch next year, will include tutorials, practice mode, player vs A.I. bots, and to start with a 1v1 PvP mode. The team say they will gradually expand this to 2v2 and then 3v3, but they are very aware that they need to build a player base first. Keeping the game to 1v1 means you should not have to wait to find a match, and then as more players come online the game will expand. There is also a spectator mode in development.

Source: PS Blog

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