Big Bad Wolf Reveals Narrative Adventure Title The Council

Episodic games are a major part of the gaming world nowadays, though very few studios have been able to break through to the top with them. The studio Big Bad Wolf is one outfit that looks to make its mark on the episodic narrative genre, and has announced a game called The Council as a result with the first episode called The Mad Ones set to release in February.

The Council takes place on an island off the coast of England where a secret society, which consists of historical characters like Napoleon and George Washington, meet. Players take on the role of Louis de Richet who is a society member, and is investigating the disappearance of his mother who vanished on the island. The game unfolds like a murder mystery with every choice made and action taken having an effect on what happens. There are no game overs as decisions made carry on the plot.

Big Bad Wolf states that The Council has a Social Influence system, where other characters can be manipulated through finding out things about them while exploring. These discoveries could lead to new allies or enemies in the quest for answers. There are also different skills to develop which could lead to playing as a detective, using diplomacy, or dabbling in the occult for answers. The Council will feature 15 different skills to develop in total.

The Council will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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