New Ultrawings Patch Increases Resolution For PS4 Pro Users

A new patch has been pushed out on PS4 today for the VR title Ultrawings, with the main point of the update being that the render resolution has been improved for PS4 Pro users. Additionally other issues have been addressed like the black screen when accessing an Ultralight balloon mission on the farm island, and also a fix to allow the game to save when being played in non-English languages. However the audio levels bug is still being worked on.

The full patch notes are below.

  • Increased render resolution for Pro users. The game should be even more crisp than before!
  • Fixed black screen issue when trying to access an Ultralight Balloon mission on the farm island
  • Adjusted purchase prices of both the Gee Racer and both airports on the farm island (this was supposed to match the prices of the Sport Plane and Paradise Cove airports so that players could have a true choice as to which to buy)
  • Added a new race job for the Gee Racer!
  • Attempted to fix the save issue when playing the game in languages other than english. NOTE: We’ve been unable to reproduce this issue so if you continue to run into this let us know ASAP.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Source: Reddit

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