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The Xbox Smartphone App Now Lets You Join Party Chats

Party on the bus.

Keeping up with your mates as they’re playing games just got a bit easier, as Microsoft have rolled out the ability to join party chats via the Xbox app for iOS and Android. It was in private beta testing for Xbox Insiders for the last couple of months, but a new update has unlocked the functionality for all.

It’s a boon for anyone that wants to play and chat, but has misplaced the cable they need for connecting headset to controller – annoyingly the Xbox One still doesn’t support voice chat over USB, so you can’t just have a dongle, but fully wireless headsets are gradually becoming available – and for those that want to talk, but don’t want to play games.

This certainly one ups Sony’s own smartphone offerings, which only allow for messaging and splits functionality between apps, as well as potentially staving off the drive toward platform agnostic systems like Discord for general online chit chat.

The only minor sticking point, which I hadn’t thought of prior to seeing comments on the matter, is that you can’t seamlessly migrate from using the app to console and vice versa, but have to leave the party and then join it on the other system.

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