Co-Op Racing Game Trailblazers Announced For All Major Formats

Trailblazers is a 3v3 co-op racing game in which you have to paint the track to win, think Splatoon meets Wipeout and you’d be on the right track. You can play alone, online, or with local split screen, and the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Mac, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


Here are some the features you expect:

  • A larger-than-life cast of drivers, including humans, aliens and psychotic robots!
  • Drive a selection of different high-speed hover cars, each with unique stats and performance characteristics
  • Join up with your friends in local multiplayer, or take it to online matchmaking with full split-screen support!
  • Play through a series of unique chapters of single player Story Mode, each with a distinct series of asymmetrical objectives to complete
  • Experience a pulse-pounding licensed soundtrack featuring awesome Future Funk tracks from indie artists.

Source: YouTube

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