Darwin Project Enters Early Access & Xbox Game Preview This Week

After an eye-catching appearance during Microsoft’s E3 showcase last year, The Darwin Project is heading into Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this week on 9th March.

It’s part of the wave of Battle Royale games trying to find a space on the market, but if anything it hews even closer to the spectator bloodsports of the films that served as the genre’s inspirations. Set in the Northern Canadian Rockies, you’re struggling to survive in the snowy wilderness, trying to be the last player alive.


Compared to PUBG or Fortnite, this is much smaller in scale with matches featuring just ten players and with a survival game side to surviving the elements. An eleventh player is the Show Director who controls the arena, able to set of bombs, close zones, trigger gravity storms and more, while people viewing the stream can bet on competitors and vote to help decide the Director’s actions.

Source: Steam

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