Digital Board Game Armello Is Coming To iOS On 15th March

We rated Armello really quite highly upon its original release for PC and consoles back in 2015, with its mixture of ground-up digital board game, RPG elements and a gorgeous art style. Now it’s coming to mobile on 15th March, and it’s doing so in a really interesting way.

It’s going free to play on mobile and without any of the bumf that free to play usually comes with – no cool downs, no time gates, etc. etc. You’ll be able to download and play without any hassle, but if you are enjoying the base game and the four original characters, then DLC with twelve characters, cosmetics and more will be available at an extra cost. Timed subscriptions will also unlock everything for a certain length of time.


It’s a really interesting business model, and it’s one that’s really based on good faith and generating goodwill in those that do pick up the game. Here’s hoping it does well for League of Geeks.

“Tens of thousands of players are still playing Armello more than three years after its initial launch, and soon this passionate community will now be able to take Armello with them on the go,” said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “It’s a perfect way to share the experience and introduce an entirely new group of fans to the magical world of Armello.”

Source: press release

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