The Council’s Narrative Adventure First Episode Is Out Next Week

The Council’s first episode, titled The Mad Ones, will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One and PC next week on 13th March, Focus Home Interactive have announced today. This is intended to be a new take on the narrative adventure, with developer Big Bad Wolf seeking to shake up the genre that has been popularised by the likes of Telltale Games and Dontnod.

To accompany the release announcement, they’ve also put together a video titled Rethinking Narrative Adventure:


Set on an island off the coast of England, you dive into a secret society that includes such notable historical figures as George Washington and Napoleon. You play as Louis de Richet, who’s trying to uncover what happened to his mother, with a plot that flows around what Big Bad Wolf have described as a Social Influence system, through which you can use skills, resources and knowledge to manipulate the other characters. Fail to do so and the story will simply carry on, potentially resulting in physical or mental repercussions.





The Mad Ones is the first of five episodes set to be released throughout 2018.

Source: press release

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