Octopath Traveller Has A Release Date In July

For fans of inventive JRPGs, Octopath Traveller will be one of the most highly anticipated games heading to the Nintendo Switch, coming form the minds behind the Bravely JRPGs on 3DS. A demo has been on the system for quite some time, but it’s only now that Square Enix have given the game a release date, with it set to release on 13th July.


Alongside this, Square revealed two new characters: Tress the Merchant, whose Path action is ‘Purchase’, which lets her buy special items that others would not be able to; and Alfyn the Apothecary, whose ‘Inquire’ action can get more details out of those he’s talking to.

A newly announced wrinkle for the combat system is that, while all of the characters have a base Job that defines their skills, you can also add and switch out a second Job, allowing for some degree of character customisation.

There will also be a special edition release of the game that mimic’s the game’s distinctive “HD-2D” artstyle with a pop-up book, while the soundtrack will be available digitally at a later date.

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