HTC’s Standalone Vive Focus Headset To Release Outside Of China

The VR dream, at the end of the day, is for seamless, wireless standalone systems that can immerse you in convincing and compelling virtual reality worlds. In 2018, that’s still just a pipe dream, but it’s being tackled from multiple angles, with the high end headsets that rely on computers and consoles able to push more realistic graphics, while the lower end standalone systems pull off VR with much lower power.

Announced last year for the Chinese market, Vive Focus is HTC’s play for the latter, and now they’re ambitions are spreading to the rest of the world. Vive Focus will be releasing globally later this year, the company announced at GDC, with developer kits being made available right now so that devs can get a headstart.

The system is built around Vive Wave, a new open VR platform that unifies development for standalone systems and mobile-based systems, and is competing with rival platforms from the likes of Google. It’s also a neat way for HTC to bring people into the fold of their Viveport market and subscription services.

Source: Vive

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