There’s Going To Be A Street Fighter TV Series

The team behind the live-action web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist will be overseeing production of a new TV series based on the second game, Street Fighter II.

M. Bison will be the big bad in charge of the Shadaloo organisation, and the story will find four plucky heroes, Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li, kicking the crap out anything that moves. I think that’s a rather boring selection of characters, it would have been nice for Dhalsim or Zangief to be in the spot light for a change. Anyway, the heroes paths’ will cross as the series progresses and they join the World Warrior Tournament run by M. Bison.


“Street Fighter is a global tour de force franchise, having garnered immense worldwide commercial success and built a vast devoted fanbase that has only grown through its 30 year legacy. We are thrilled to be teaming up with Joey, Jacqueline and Mark, who are already so deeply connected to this brand, to bring this adored story to television audiences everywhere,” said Mark Gordon, eOne’s President and Chief Content Officer, Film, Television and Digital. “A particular strength of Street Fighteris the wide range of ethnically diverse characters and powerful women featured in the game. It will allow us to build an inclusive and engaging TV universe.”

But only one powerful woman and two white Americans as the main cast. Uhuh. See my previous comment.

Source: Deadline

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