Milestone Announce MXGP PRO For Release On 29th June

Milestone are looking to get a fresh start with their motocross series, with MXGP set to release on 29th June this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


With this ostensible clean slate, they’ve built new systems to let players really get into the bike handling and simulation. There’s a new bike set-up system to tweak every parameter with real values and metrics, a reworked physics engine to add more realism to grip, collisions and jumping through the air, and more realistic rider movements.

They’ve brought three professional riders on board to help with this. Tim Gajser will consult on “whipping, scrubbing, and passing through whoops sections,” Tony Cairoli on the much more sensible sounding start & braking precision, while Gautier Paulin has advice on controlling ruts in the deformable mud and taking corners at speed.

To help you master the game’s handling, there’s a new Compound, a larger practice area than ever before, so you can train and develop your driving skills on different terrains.

Source: press release

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