Watch The Omensight Gameplay Video With Commentary Here

When a press release describes a game I have never heard of as “murder-mystery X action-adventure game,” I would immediately think of something dark and brooding, a little Gothic perhaps, maybe an 18th century bad ass fighting through a mansion to discover the supernatural being who killed his beloved wife.

You can understand then why I had to double check I had clicked on the correct link when the gameplay video started up, as it features blue cartoon mice.

Here’s some background information for the game which launches on PS4 and PC on May 15th for $19.99 USD.

When the world of Urralia nears its end, that’s when your work as The Harbinger begins. Take on the impartial, and crucial, role of both warrior and judge to rewrite the destruction of your war-sieged world by identifying characters that may have played a part in the apocalypse. By understanding the events that pushed Urralia to its tragic end, you can manipulate time and circumstance to prevent the catastrophe.

Source: YouTube / Press release

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