Wonderfully Weird Procedural Platformer GoNNER Is Coming To PS4 In May

The IGF award winning procedurally generated platformer Rogue-lite GoNNER is coming to PlayStation 4 in May. It’s a bit of a mouthful, to be sure, but it has a wonderfully weird style to it that I like the look of, as Ikk tries to cheer up his buddy, the giant whale named Sally, delving into the deep and dark world to find a nice little trinket for her.


Everything from the visual style to the sound is completely distinct, as you can see in the above PS4 announcement trailer. As you play, you’re searching for heads, backpacks and weapons to boost Ikk’s abilities and help him survive a bit longer, but death is expected in this game – it is a Rogue-lite after all.

Source: press release, PS Blog

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