Remedy’s P7 Will Be Unveiled At E3

Alan Wake and Max Payne developers Remedy have been beavering away on their next game, enigmatically referred to as P7, for quite some while now. They have teamed up with 505 games to act as publisher last year and finally, the title will be revealed at this years E3.

All we know is that the game is a “cinematic third-person action game set in a new Remedy-created universe” and it won’t be Xbox exclusive, it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PC as well.  However, a job listing from November did also include those dreaded words ‘Battle Royale’, but also mentioned the game would be online and would “a long-lasting experience”.


As there’s no trailer or screenshots, here’s a video for something else labelled P7, featuring Ricardo from Desperate Housewives.

Source: PCGamesN

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