Ubisoft Delay Skull & Bones Until Next Year

Ubisoft’s crack at the multiplayer naval battling has been delayed, they revealed in their latest earnings forecasts. It was originally planned for this fiscal year alongside The Crew 2, The Division 2 and one as yet unannounced title – keep an eye out for that at E3 – but has now been pushed back to the 2019-20 financial year.

The reasoning is simply to give it more time, but Ubisoft state that it’s off the back of high expectations with the rest of this year’s line up letting them push this game back and give Ubisoft Singapore more time.


The game hasn’t really shown up since being announced at E3 last year, so perhaps it’s not terribly surprising that it’s been delayed from the end of 2018. Perhaps we’ll see more next month, but for now, here’s the announcement trailer:

Source: press release

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