Paradox Interactive Are Making Crusader Kings Into A Board Game

“So it’s hardware, huh?” one of the characters in the witty announcement trailer asks, and it is in a way. Paradox Interactive have announced a string of licensing deals and partnerships to take their biggest franchises and turn them into board games. The first wave includes Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis (which is a board game of a video game of a board game), Hearts of Iron and Cities: Skylines.


All four are playable in beta/in development forms at PDXCON this weekend, but the first that is planned to see the light of day is Crusader Kings. Being made by Free League Publishing, who have won awards for the Mutant Year Zero and Tales from the Loop tabletop RPGs, they’re obviously going to try and capture some of the irreverent humour of the CK games as you look after your dynasty in medieval Europe.

As unexpected as the announcement is, it’s even more unexpected that they’re taking to Kickstarter to fund the board game – you can find that here

Source: PDXCON, Kickstarter

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