Here’s A Trailer & Some Handy Tips For Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Para Bellum

Year Three Season Two in Rainbow Six Siege is looking to shake things up a little bit. In addition to a rather pretty new Tuscan villa map and two new Italian defensive operators, there’s new gadgets, fundamental gameplay tweaks and a new Pick & Ban mode for more competition oriented multiplayer.

Here’s our first real look at these additions:


Alibi and Maestro are two rather tech-heavy defensive operators. Alibi has a deployable hologram to trick enemies into revealing their positions, while Maestro’s bulletproof turret can  see through smoke and fires low powered laser beams.  There’s some good jokes about how advanced these characters are becoming when one of the original operators literally just has a big breaching hammer.

Further changes to the game include:

  • Additionally game updates include:
  • Deployable bullet proof cameras
  • Mew counter defuser animation
  • Drop-shotting adjustments
  • Weapon sight misalignment adjustments
  • New observation tool management
  • Operator speed adjustments
  • Echo buff
  • Clubhouse map buff

The test server for PC will go live with Para Bellum on 22nd May, letting Ubisoft test the changes in a live environment and get some final tweaks in place ahead of the full release.

Source: press release

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