Sci-Fi Shooter Evasion Coming To PlayStation VR Later This Year

There are plenty of shooters for PlayStation VR and their ranks are soon to be swelled by the addition of Evasion. Developers Archiact say the game  well “evoke that fast, frantic feeling that you get from games like Doom and Borderlands,” and it’s got built in co-op.

You also get four character classes to chose from, a full campaign (which is playable in co-op) and a survival mode.

Here are more details on the four classes:

  • The Warden: Our tank. The Warden is ideal for players who like to charge into battle. He can take more damage than any other class and has unique abilities that allow him to get up close and personal with enemies before blasting them into dust.
  • The Surgeon: Our combat medic. The Surgeon heals himself and other players faster, giving everyone that extra edge in combat. The surgeon can also turn his abilities against the enemy by siphoning their health.
  • The Striker: Our damage class. The Striker is agile and deadly. Her weapons and shield have precision targeting, and she has a unique tether that allows her to bolster her teammates’ dps.
  • The Engineer: Our most versatile class. The Engineer can use her tether to grab enemies and whip them around. She can also clear the field with incredible chain lightning and energize teammates’ weapons.

Source: YouTube

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