Destiny 2: Forsaken Out In September – Reveals Major Overhaul For Year 2

Bungie have unveiled Year 2 of Destiny 2, which starts on 4th September with the release of the major expansion, Forsaken. It’s a new chapter and story in the game taking players back to the Reef where those locked away in the Prison of Elders are staging a prison break and need to be hunted down.


The main new location is the Tangled Shore, a loose, ramshackle collection of chained together asteroids where the Scorne now roam free. A number of Barons are the big bads that have escaped and that you’ll be hunting down, whether taking a sniper on in a sniper battle or a crazy melee Fallen wielding a flaming brazier. Again, they’ll be familiar races, but these do look rather different takes on what we’ve seen before.

Having heard your complaints, Bungie are completely overhauling the weapon system. You still play with the current mix of Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons, but the lines seem to be blurred quite heavily between, so you can have shotguns in your Energy weapon slot… or even your Kinetic weapon slot. They’re also adding bow and arrow to the game, like it’s 2013 all over again. These weapons (which now have random rolls once more) will continue to evolve over time, as Bungie promise to overhaul modifications and boost the Masterworks system even further.

Each class and sub-class is getting new suppers, such as fire knives as an alternative to the Hunter’s Golden Gun, a big sledgehammer that can create a fire tornado for the Titan, the Warlock getting a void teleportation attack or a large beam of energy from the Warlock.

The new Raid will take players to the Dreaming City, the Awoken homeland, in a live location that will evolve over time depending on player actions. Bungie say it will have “More bosses than we’ve ever had before.”

There’s also a mixed PvE and PvP mode called Gambit mode. Teams compete in separate arenas to defeat enemies, collect motes and bank them in order to release you main boss. However, you’ll also be able to invade the other team’s side and  try to ruin their plans.

This will be the start of the new Annual Pass. This is being pitched as a different style of delivering content. These are Black Armory in winter, Jokers Wild in the spring and Penumbra in the summer. They promise to deliver more endgame challenges, more things to collect, new activities, new Triumph Records and more lore. However, while there will be story, it’s not the same kind of cinematic driven story that they tried to deliver with the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions.

July 17th marks the release of update 1.2.3, which will include 6v6 Quickplay as a permanent mode. Here’s the updated roadmap, including tidbits from 2.0.0:

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