Overwatch Patch 1.25 Is Now Live On The PTR

Patch 1.25 for Overwatch is now live on the PTR servers and it includes a new feature that lets you support other players when the match ends.  The Endorsement system lets you give other players a pat on the back for a number of reasons, and each endorsement adds fifty points to their Endorsement Level.

Here’s quick video from developer Jeff Kaplan, and the notes are underneath.


Overwatch Patch 1.25 Overview

  • Endorsements — When a player finishes a match, they can give (and receive) Endorsements for other players based on their positive behavior in the game.
    • Types of Endorsements include Good Teammate, Shotcaller, and Good Sportsmanship.
    • Every Endorsement a player receives goes toward progressing their Endorsement Level (EL); players also receive +50xp toward their overall level for each Endorsement given to another player.
    • At any time during a two-week interval, players can be rewarded based on their current EL.
  • Looking For Group — Players can form their own in-game groups, choose roles and team compositions, make restrictions based on Endorsement Levels, and merge with other groups.
  • Private Profiles — Player profiles now have the option to be set to Private, Friends-Only, or Public.
  • Horizon Re-Work — Horizon is receiving level design changes to help balance the map.
  • Symmetra Re-Work — Symmetra is receiving updates to her primary fire, secondary fire, both of her abilities, and a new Ultimate Ability.
  • Damage Role — Defense and Offense roles are now replaced by the Damage role.

Source: Overwatch 

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