New Gundam Breaker Launches On PS4 And PC

New Gundam Breaker, and yes that is the game’s actual name which is going to be very confusing when the next Gundam Breaker game arrives, has launched on PlayStation 4 and PC.

“Each player of NEW GUNDAM BREAKER will be gifted a certain amount of in-game currency with a day one patch,” say Bandia Namco. “Players are free to spend 100,000 GP to their heart’s content and acquire new parts for their Gunpla. The day one patch also provides improved stability for the online mode which is going to ensure smooth interaction with other players.”


There doesn;t seem to be many reviews for the game around but our Jason has tweeted “so far I’m enjoying it, it’s got a wonderful gameplay loop and it’s good fun tweaking and customising gunplay.”

Here is the launch trailer.

Source: Press release

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