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Toki Returns As A Nintendo Switch Exclusive This November

If you’re as old as me you may remember the excellent arcade game Toki which was ported to many systems including the Amiga, Sega Megadrive, Atari ST, and the NES. Created by the now defunct TAD Corporation the game saw a strapping and handsome heroic chap transformed in to a spitting ape who must, as usual for games of that era, rescue his girlfriend from an evil wizard.

A remake was announced back in 2009 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 but it never materialised, it seemed to be vaporware. However, it’s finally coming out on November 22nd and now it’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Philippe Dessoly, the artist who worked on the Amiga version of Toki on the Amiga, returns as the Artistic Director for the remake and he is joined by Pierre Adane and Raphael Gesqua, collectively the same team who created the Sega Megadrive game Mr. Nutz.

There will also be a a Retrollector Edition with some neat stuff including a Toki arcade cabinet.

Source: Press release


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