For Honor: Season VII Is All Storm And Fury, Starting Next Week

The seventh season of For Honor is getting under way next week on 2nd August, as yet another free update to Ubisoft’s historical fighting game. There’s a new map, hero reworks, and more, while Ubisoft will be welcoming Xbox One players through Games with Gold in the middle of the month.

The new map is called Secluded Keep and it is a secluded keep, surrounded by water and making for a key outpost. It will be playable in Tribute, Skirmish, Elimination, Brawl, and Duel. The hero reworks this time around will focus on Warden and Valkyrie, aiming to improve their versatility and the efficiency of their move sets.


For the overarching game, there’s an update to the ranking system, with the addition of the Master and Grand Master ranks. To focus on your standing on the rankings leaderboard, Ubi say you’ll be able to join Ranked Duel matches outside of tournaments, which will now be run each weekend.

However, though all of this, there is maybe the feeling that Ubisoft are treading water before they add a new faction and mode in October.

Source: press release

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