The System Shock 2-Esque Hevn Lands On Steam This September

A nice PR person has been in touch to tell us about Hevn, a dark science-fiction game that has been likened to System Shock 2. The game takes place on the distant planet of Naic where protagonist Sebastian Mar has decided to live because he wanted a nice quiet life.

Because video games that hasn’t happened, and the planet is rocked by earthquakes and ferocious storms, and the mining facility Sebastian finds himself in seems to have had a mysterious accident.


What happened to this place? Will there be any escape? And who was Sebastian’s estate agent, because I’m pretty sure if they had mentioned the earthquakes, storms, and spooky abandoned mining facilities our Seb would have moved to another planet.

Hevn his Steam on Friday 7th September.

UPDATE: A previous version of this story mentioned the game is out next week, which was incorrect. Soz.

Source: Press release / YouTube

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