Quake Champions Has Gone Free To Play, But It’s Still Not A Full Release

Quake Champions feels like it’s been quietly building up for years and years now, with Bethesda developing it in public through a paid Early Access model. The intention was always to take it free to play, and that day came over the weekend at QuakeCon 2018, appropriately enough.


There’s been free weekends in the past, at E3 they allowed people to download the game for keeps, but now there’s no time restrictions on who can download it, whether going through Bethesda or Steam. What you get in the free to play version is access to all the Quickly, Ranked and Arcade modes and maps and Ranger and Scalebearer as the free champions, and a guest free champion each week. You can unlock more champions through the in-game currency and play, microtransaction currency, or purchasing the Champions Pack.

However, while the game has taken this important step, it’s still not “finished”. They want to continue polishing, improving and adding new content like a Capture the Flag mode, before the eventually declare it “fully released”.

Source: Bethesda

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