A Demo For Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Is Out On Switch Today

Whether you’re new to the series or a long time veteran, it’s worth checking out the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo on Nintendo Switch to see if it’s your thing. The demo is out today for Switch, so you can just hop onto the eShop and try the game out before its release on 28th August.

It’s not live quite yet, but when it is, you should also be able to find the demo via the eShop store page here.


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the series after the release and huge success of Monster Hunter: World, but this is a different era of Monster Hunter, built as an expanded release of the 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations. For a long time this game was known by its Japanese name Monster Hunter XX.

This demo features three missions to take on and three different monsters, with varying levels of difficulty between them. You can try out all of the weapons, Hunter Styles and Hunter Arts, and it’s also been confirmed that it features both online and ad hoc multiplayer. In other words, there’s pretty much every aspect of the game on show here!

Source: Twitter

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