Family Friendly PlayLink Puzzler Melbits World Revealed

The latest game in the PlayLink rage for PlayStation 4 has been revealed and it’s the kiddy friendly puzzler Melbits World, a title that was briefly glimpsed during a Playlink video a couple of months ago.

“With Melbits we wanted give a twist to the Playlink range, making an arcade-inspired game with kawaii aesthetics that caters to the youngest PlayStation players but also thinking in those gamer parents that need a fun game to play with their children,” expains Iván Expósito Sánchez, co-founder of developers Melbot.


The Melbits live inside your PS4 and it’s your job to guide them to safety, but rather than control the Melbits you use you phone to position the obstacles and mechanisms such as bounce pads. Think multi-player Lemmings and you will be close.

“In this first release players will find 36 different levels spread in four different worlds and we are planning on releasing more worlds and other cool expansions further down the line,” adds Iván

Source: PS Blog

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