Hamster-Fu Beat ‘Em Up Hamsterdam Announced For Switch, Mobile, PC, And PS Vita

I’m going to break one of our golden rules, which is not to report on Kickstarters until they are full funded, as the Hamsterdam Kickstarter only wants to raise £6,200 and it’s got a third of that already with 44 days to go. Also it’s game about kung-fu hamsters and is packed with silly stuff so that’s a win from me.

The hamster-fu beat-em up has been revealed for Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC/Mac, and -lawks-a-lordy – PS Vita, and finds you playing as Pimm, a hamster on a mission to restore peace to Hamsterdam. You also have to rescue your – ten bonus points here for not making it girlfriend – your grandfather, from the evil chinchilla, Marlo.

For $10 (around £8) you can back the game and get a copy of it on every platform, which is rather generous.

Source: Kickstarter

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