Battle X: Birth of the Alliance Coming To PSVR, Will Have Battle Royale Mode

Naviworks have announced that their immersive military shooter Battle X: Birth of the Alliance is heading to PlayStation VR eary next year, with a Battle Royale mode patched in during Q2 2019. The game was revealed during GDC 2018 for PC VR devices.

Here’s the plot of the single player campaign which stars Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers.

After receiving a large investment of the crypto-currency Vari-Coin, MODERN Bio Tech, the world’s leading biotech company, helped a brilliant scientist defect from war-torn Syria. Dr. Daniela Abadi focused on creating bio-mechanical machines (nanites) to break down DNA components to make a Super Soldier.

Mercenaries were hired to steal this incredible breakthrough–and in order to avoid an international incident, MODERN hired WPL–the World Protection League to retrieve it. Your mission: retrieve the pathogen–at all costs!!

The game is based on real VR military training devices created by Naviworks and uses gameplay based on real military training situations.

Source: Battle X / Press release

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