Jurassic World Evolution’s 1.4 Update Out September 13th, First Details Revealed

Frontier Developments has confirmed that update 1.4 for Jurassic World Evolution will be released on September 13th. Along with the confirmation, the studio also revealed the first major details of the update and what players can expect to be digging their claws into once 1.4 is installed. One of the biggest additions is Challenge mode, which is different from the story mode.

In Challenge mode players will have very little money to begin with and will have to build the park up. It won’t be easy as that budget can be affected by contract cancellation penalties and Hammond Foundation fees. There are also personal bests when it comes to the time taken to reach milestones. There are also new skins available through Challenge mode as well as new trophies/achievements.


Additional sandbox options will also be added including removing the need for power plants, removing dinosaur age limits so they don’t die of old age, play with the amount of money you have to spend, a feeder resupply toggle so you don’t need to keep hiring rangers, and difficulty setting toggles so you can change things like guest count and the variety of dinosaurs.

Some dinosaur sizes will also be changed:

  1. Scale down the Ceratosaurus from 9.6m (current) to 9m
  2. Scale down the Tyrannosaurus Rex from 14m (current) to 13.5m
  3. Scale up the Spinosaurus from 13.7m (current) to 15m (making her taller but less bulky than the T-Rex)
  4. Scale up the Giganotosaurus from 12m (current) to 13.5m

Different lighting options will be available in Career mode once five stars have been reached on an island, allowing you to alternate between dawn, dusk, and night. New contract types will also be added which address guest coverage and dinosaur visibility. New cameras options will be added so you can view things from the guest perspective and first person on the monorail. Korean and Italian language support will be added, and you’ll be able to cancel research and incubation projects.

Source: Press Release

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