PEGI Introduces A New “In-Game Purchase” Descriptor For Boxed Games

Pan European Game Information, or PEGI as we all know it, have announced a new addition to the descriptive images used to convey information about games to buyers. The new in-game purchases descriptor will be applied to all games that offer the option to purchase digital goods with real currency and will start appearing on physical releases by the end of this year.

“Making parents aware of the existence of optional in-game purchases upfront is an important first step. PEGI will now make this information available at the point of purchase, so that a parent can decide whether and how they want to monitor and/or limit a child’s spending”, says Simon Little, Managing Director of PEGI S.A.

“While we know that parents use different methods to control spending, parental control tools are a very helpful next step in making sure that the overall online experience of the child is safe, including the possibility to control spending. Entering into a dialogue with the child about the games they enjoy is certainly a must for all parents. It will provide them with the necessary context to create a gaming environment both the children and the parents are comfortable with.”

“It’s basic information, but that’s what parents sometimes feel they are lacking,” adds Simon.

Source: PEGI

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