67% Of Americans Play Video Games Study Claims

Just imagine if you travelled back in time to 1998 and told a random stranger that in twenty years nearly 70% of the population of America would be playing videogames. They would surely slap your face whilst declaring ‘that will never, ever happen’…. or they’d have no strong feelings on the subject. Either way, chances are they wouldn’t have been distracted by their smart phone when you tried to speak to them.

According to EEDAR, 67% of Americans – roughly 211 million people – now play video games regularly. Amongst them, Smartphones and tablets are the most popular method of playing games, with 90% of the participants using these devices. That’s followed up in popularity by PC, which 52% of the study use, and then consoles at 43%. Finally, handheld systems round out the survey, being used by 9% of participants.


The information that these sorts of studies provide can often be a little dubious and borderline unfounded, so do bear in the mind that this survey is based upon a sample of five thousand people. Still, there’s a vast audience of mobile phone gamers out that could be enticed to play more ‘traditional’ Games on console and PC. Something for canny publishers, developers and console manufacturers to consider perhaps?

Source: EEDAR