TSA’s Sunday Streaming Hour Presents Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Hello again! Glad you’re at least thinking of joining us later this evening at 7PM BST for TSA’s Sunday Streaming Hour when you’ll be able to watch our editor in chief Stefan explore the latest instalment in the Tomb Raider franchise, Shadow of the Tomb Raider which will be played on the Xbox One X. It’s the third part of the reboot of Lara Croft’s adventures, which is fitting since this is the third episode of our show.  You can stream the show below or head on over to our Twitch channel where you can make comments, ask questions, and subscribe. Before the show begins you can read the review or watch the video review if that’s more your fancy.

The archived video is now below:


If you missed last week’s episode then you can catch up below as Gareth swung around huge skyscrapers as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4. Unfortunately some technical issues meant my voice didn’t record which makes it seem like Gareth is talking to himself. It gets weird.

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