Cities: Skylines Gets An Industrial New Expansion On 23rd October

An industrial revolution is coming to your cities in Cities: Skylines, as the next expansion looks to make this side of the game much more involving. Quite simply called Industries, the DLC is releasing on 23rd October for PC, Mac & Linux – the console releases remain a few steps behind.


This is a major shake up for Industry, which was previously largely left to its own devices once you’d zoned for industry and then decided if you wanted to enact policies that could determine a few broad types. Now you can build unique factories and set up supply chains for the different resource types, letting you do a bit of micromanaging to increase output. Goods can also now be sent via cargo airports, to help reduce a little bit of congestion on your streets.

As well as this you now have a postal service to look after, some new policies that include Workers’ Union, Sorting, Tolls, Wi-Fi, Logistics, Work Safety and Automation, and five new maps to play on. Most importantly, Chirper has four new hats.

Alongside the paid update, Synthetic Dawn Radio continues Paradox’s Halloween cross-branding effort, and the free update will introduce road tolls that can generate added income for your city. You’ll also be able to set historical zoned buildings to prevent them being torn down as a district evolves and grows.

Source: press release

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