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Upcoming For Honor Update Introduces New Heroes And Arcade Mode

Get ready to Breach.

For Honor really annoys me. Not the game itself – that’s pretty good and Ubisoft’s ongoing support for the title is admirable – but the American spelling of Honor that really grinds my gears. Every time I type ‘honor’ into my word processor it underlines it with a great big red judgemental wiggly line. It’s as if the program itself is patronisingly saying ‘you do know how to spell honour don’t you?’ Then, when I take the high road and just walk away, it loudly and condescendingly whispers after me, ‘plonker.’

Anyway, my disagreements with Microsoft Word aside, there’s a rather stonking update incoming for For Honor.

First off, the game will see significant graphical improvements, this remaster will provide all the maps with both enhanced lighting and textures. Christian Diaz, art director on For Honor, certainly seemed excited by the changes when he spoke to PlayStation Blog, ”I think we can convey a better sense of what you’re supposed to be feeling at any given point with the remaster. If you’re playing a Valkenheim map and it’s supposed to look and feel cold, we can convey that sense of temperature much more now.”

There’s also a new 4v4 Breach Mode that all players will have access to when the update lands on October the 16th, along with four new heroes from the Wu Ling Faction – inspired by the warriors of Ancient China. Here’s the breach mode gameplay trailer from E3 2018 for reference. It has trebuchets in it and everything:

And that’s not all, there’s also a new arcade mode that ”is a new solo or co-op mode where players fight battles and earn rewards that carry over to all multiplayer modes. Explore new Heroes and level them up before taking them into PvP. Offering infinite replayability, this quick play mode will deliver a new battle every time with varying objectives, enemies, and modifiers.” Here’s a trailer from Gamescom 2018 to expand further on this new mode:

Quite the sizeable update then. Marching Fire will be released on October 16th.

For Honor is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Sources: PlayStation.blog, forhonour.ubisoft.com


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