Dream Daddy Is Heading To PlayStation 4

Visual novel Dream Daddy is coming to PlayStation 4 in the shape of the awfully named Dadrector’s Cut, which adds new content, new sidequests, and replayable minigames including a brand new game for the PS4 version.

In case you missed first time round Dream Daddy was somewhat of a sensation, outselling PUBG as the most-bought PC game on Steam one day. It’s a dad dating simulator where you, a dad, get to flirt with seven hunksome men in the sleepy town of Maple Bay. Although it seems the game is about strapping oafs trying to bed each other, that is not the story. Instead, it deals with topics such as toxic masculinity and anxiety.


Fun Fact: Our very own Miguel is voicing a character in the sequel, which means it’s going to be very awkward if I have to review that.

Source: PS Blog

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