Maid Of Sker Delves Into Scary Welsh First Person Stealth In 2019

The Quiet Men of Welsh folklore are set to be brought to life in a video game next year, as Wales Interactive – who else? – have announced Maid of Sker. It’s based off the 19th century novel The Maid of Sker, as well as the Welsh ballad Y Ferch o’r Sger.


Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2019, it follows the true story of Elizabeth Williams and Thomas Williams, a musician who’s trying to save the woman he loves. It’s set in and around Sker House, which is one of the most haunted buildings (if you believe that sort of thing) in Britain, taking us back to 1898 in the process. Ironically for Thomas, he probably won’t be breaking out a guitar and singing a song, because this stealth game will want you to be as quiet as possible, with 3D sound being used by the AI to try and find you.

Source: press release

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