Warframe’s Free Fortuna Expansion Releases This Week on PC

Digital Extremes is getting ready to unleash a huge expansion for Warframe on PC this week through Fortuna, which will allow players to explore the terraformed open world of Venus. The expansion will be accessible to all players for free, with the update bringing a bevy of goods and features to really whet the appetite. But first here’s a trailer to introduce Fortuna.


So what goodies does Fortuna bring? First you have the K-Drive Bondi to zip across the landscape as well as perform tricks to impress the VentKids to earn new gear. Solaris United is the new faction introduced, a cyborg race who inhabit the underground city that is Fortuna and not everything is calm in this faction. However you don’t just explore Fortuna underground. You’ll head to Venus’ surface and the Orb Vallis, which is an exotic landscape filled with creatures and forests. New Corpus enemy types are also on Fortuna and they hold massive bases to attack. A danger rating is given for these allowing players to decide to fight or fly away. The Garuda Warframe will make its mark which has powerful attacks, though makes health vulnerable. Finally you can fish robo-fish, and hunt animals to conserve them from extinction.

Warframe Fortuna will be releasing this week on PC, and soon on Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Press Release

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