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The Snowy Paranoia Of Distrust Is Out For PS4 Today

Here's The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is easily, easily one of my favourite movies of all time, with Kurt Russell thrown into an isolated, paranoia-fuelled horror film. While there was a The Thing game made in the early 2000s, it’s something that’s not really been made the most of in video games since.

Out today for PS4 (and already out on PC, to be fair), Distrust looks to capture that vibe, right down to the arctic setting. It wraps it up with crafting and resource management in a roguelite form, so every play should be different. Over time, as the survivors try to get to sleep without perishing in the night, they go a bit mad and you have to try to figure out if they can trust their senses. For the console version, all of that remains, but the interface has been revamped for controller.

Source: press release


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