Prison Architect Update 17 Adds Multiplayer Correctional Facility Construction

What’s better than managing the day to day incarceration of hundreds of convicted criminals? Sharing the job with friends, of course! Just in time for Christmas, Introversion have released a big update for Prison Architect to formally launch multiplayer for the game’s sandbox mode.

The multiplayer alpha launched back in September, with support for up to eight players, but Introversion held back on a number of features at that time. They’ve now introduced a lot of what missing, though do note that players will still likely bump into a number of bugs as they play.

Despite all the work that’s needed to go into adapting a single player game for multiplayer, it’s resulted in a rather short and sweet set of patch notes for Update 17.

  • All Prison Architect sandbox features now work in multiplayer
    • New multiplayer functionality
    • Weather and temperature system
    • Executions
    • Random events
    • Wired objects
    • Riot UI and other failure conditions
    • Prison expansion
    • Remaining todo list items
    • Full prisoner information, on mouseover tooltip and selection, should now be visible and accurate on clients
  • Improved joining game progress bar feedback
  • Fixed and added many in-game sounds to multiplayer

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