Paradox Interactive Have Bought Prison Architect From Introversion Software

Prison Architect was a huge success for Introversion Software, helping to save the company from going under and riding the first waves of the Early Access craze. In truth, they’ve struggled to move on from that game, but are looking to make a break, having supported it with regular updates for the last five years.

However, the game is not dead and Introversion have found Paradox Interactive to be the game’s stewards going forward. Paradox are taking over support of the game on PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, as well as their own ports to mobile. They also talk of a wider “Architect” IP, which indicates that they have plans for a growing series that adds to their catalogue of management sims.


Introversion co-founder Mark Morris said, “Prison Architect has been an intensely rewarding project for us. Every developer loves seeingt heir creations come to life, but through Early Access, launch on multiple platforms, and over a dozen  post-launch content updates, we’ve been building and managing this building-and-management game for nearly a decade. I think we’ve taken Prison Architect just about as far as we can, and we’re all eager to see where a team like Paradox can take it  next! This also gives Introversion the chance to work on what we’ve got coming up next – more on that soon.”

Source: Paradox

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